Many companies now realize that blockchain systems potentially will disrupt their industries and permanently alter the competitive landscape. Even so, many are struggling to understand the core ideas and the opportunities it presents for their given business model. Confiara’s experienced team of blockchain professionals and seasoned consultants can help you better navigate this new world.

Some of the fundamental decision aspects that Confiara can help you with include architecture patterns for each of your defined engagement models (build, buy, partner, participate or integrate) and ‘on-chain’ data and functionality and integration with existing and (potentially) new off-chain systems as well.

A business value impact model can become the main filter through which organizations can run potential future use cases. A few examples of the sorts of criteria you should consider to arrive at the value impact of an use case are:

  • How will this use case influence existing business processes, technologies and models?
  • What are the opportunities to create new business models and incremental revenue streams?
  • Is this use case feasible to take to production in the current internal, market and regulatory environment?
  • Will this use case meaningfully and measurably contribute towards broader goals?

As with any project, a good starting point for your blockchain roadmap is to define an Execution Framework that clearly describes a firm’s overall execution methodology:

  • How will you structure and focus your teams? collocated or in multiple offices? functionally or workstream wise etc?
  • PMO/Governance – Who will manage the project daily and who will be the stakeholders overseeing the program? How will broad changes to the program be brought up, discussed, decided and executed?
  • Architecture – How will plans be converted into actionable steps? What will be the change management process?
  • How will you deliver a blockchain project in a rapidly changing environment? How will you promote an agile delivery plan?

Confiara’s Integrated Technology Consulting offering can help you:

  • Choose a pragmatic approach to test blockchain potential with experimentation on blockchain platforms
  • Define the criteria for selecting the right use cases
  • Formulate an optimal approach with rapid prototype-led exploration to build blockchain adoption roadmaps
  • Define architectural principles to explore and realize selected use cases
  • Test coexistence and compatibility considerations among platforms and existing internal systems
  • Design principles meeting the internal and long-term requirements
Confiara’s experienced Technology Consulting team can help you navigate the new world of blockchain. Our integrated Technology Consulting approach simplifies Use Case Selection, Technology Platform choice, Blockchain environment set up decisions and helps clients focus on driving their key business objectives.