As part of solution engineering efforts, Confiara provides a holistic process for solution design that encompasses people, process, operating model and technology. We help our clients explore options for blockchain in their organization through proofs of concepts and use cases that model and anticipate real-world scenarios most relevant to their business. Our deeply experienced PoC team includes expert blockchain developers, strong functional consultants to drive successful implementations.

A primary factor that influences the solution is dependent on whether the implementation is on a public platform like Etherum or Openchain or on a self-setup or customized platform that is purpose built for the needs of the organization.

Our solution engineering engagements typically include:

Process and Workflow Reengineering

Confiara can help your organisation translate our in-depth understanding of blockchain into actionable business processes and workflows. Our specialists bring a deep understanding of business outcomes that blockchain solutions can deliver and how this may in turn drive better RoI for your Blockchain project.

Use Case Development

One of the hardest parts of implementing blockchain is understanding the complex interactions between internal systems, users and blockchain technology. Confiara helps our clients develop innovative and potentially disruptive use cases using blockchain’s decentralized technology. This helps our clients get a holistic perspective when addressing blockchain within the organisation’s existing legacy portfolio landscape. Confiara has a library of pre-built use cases across domains including Cross Boarder Remittances, Trade finance, Property Registration, and Asset Provenance which can be rapidly customized for your specific Use Cases.

Proof of Concept Development

Confiara leverages an agile approach to develop a blockchain proof of concept to help banks quickly understand the tangible bene ts and impact that blockchain technology may have on specific business use cases.For eg: it is often difficult for banks to make wholesale changes to existing business models. Proof of concepts allow banks to explore faster, cheaper, and better ways of adopting blockchain without risking core business processes.

The Confiara Solution Engineering team is your ideal partner to help you deliver pragmatic future proof blockchain solutions that maximize your Return on Investment.