Concept/Idea Validation

In many situations, the customer has a high level Concept or Idea where the Use of Blockchain could potentially solve a critical business problem or need. However, most organizations may not have the expertise or internal process or resources to appropriately validate whether the particular Concept or Idea will solve the intended business problem and achieve desired outcomes.

Confiara Blockchain Design and Ideation experts work with the customer team and strategic partner teams to leverage a blend of Design Thinking, Idea assessment tools, customer experience design, Use Case validation and Feasibility assessment to comprehensively validate the Concept/Idea.

Market Assessment

In our experience, one of the challenges with the adoption of any new technology within an enterprise, including Blockchain is that often the appropriate groundwork/diligence in selection of the right Use case and assessment of the market opportunity leads to a situation where Blockchain may end up as a solution looking for the problem, which we must avoid. Our team pays careful attention to market trends, research around the market opportunity and it assessment early in the client Blockchain journey.

Technology Strategy

With the rapidly evolving Blockchain ecosystem, clients have multiple choices when it comes to Technology Platform, development environment and tools available for any project. Our experience with all three major platforms including Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Multichain and we remain Technology agnostic when it comes to platform choice. Similarly, our focus during this phase of the engagement is to help clients make the best Technology decisions across their Blockchain journey.

Solution Design/Prototyping

We support a rapid prototyping and iterative solution design approach to ensure the solution being designed is validated such that it is not only implementable but should meet the business requirements and can be prototyped within the budget parameters of the client.

Confiara Ideation and Design experts can help you quickly assess the potential feasibility and validate your Blockchain Idea or Concept at the earliest stage, so you can most efficiently direct precious resources and investment to the project.